Puppy and Kitten Care

Your young pet has a unique set of needs as they develop. We can help you get them started on their journey to good health and well being. Some of our services offered are:

Sick Pet Care, Pet Wellness, Surgery

When your pet is not feeling well, our goal is to determine the cause and make them feel better quickly. To facilitate this, we can offer in house diagnostics such as x-rays and blood work to aid with their diagnosis as well as the ability to send samples to outside labs should specialized testing need to be done.

We offer a full range of preventative health care including comprehensive physical exams, wellness screens, and vaccines tailored to each individual pet’s needs.

Most soft tissue surgery can be taken care of at our facility. Occasionally, a procedure is more complicated or requires special skills or equipment then we are equipped with, and we will always recommend the best for your pet, even if it means going to a different veterinarian for treatment.

Dental Services. Your pet’s health exam will include an examination of the teeth. Should we decide your pet’s teeth requires dental care, a full oral exam will be performed under anesthesia, while your pet is receiving fluids, and is being carefully monitored. All dentals will include full mouth x-rays to determine if there is additional unseen disease that can be lurking below the gum line. After any diseased teeth are treated or extracted if needed, our modern, ultrasonic dental cleaning and polishing equipment will remove tartar and plaque, restoring the health of your pet’s mouth.

Geriatric Services. Senior pets can have multiple concurrent conditions that can impact their lives. We can help you make sure they are the most happy they can be with pain management, health assessments, and end of life counseling.

House Call Services. From routine preventative care to hospice and quality of life concerns, we can come to your home and evaluate your pet where they are most comfortable.

Acupuncture has been used in China for thousands of years in humans and in animals. It usually involves the stimulation of specific points on the body to provide a healing response.  Needles are commonly used. Pets with conditions like chronic arthritis or nerve damage can benefit from therapy sessions.